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GIF Booth Options

(and more!)

Stills to GIF Animation

Panda Pix Stills to GIF Animation takes 3 or 4 sequential photos and produces an animated GIF that can be shared on social networks instantly. We can attach branding to the GIF animation for corporate activations to promote brand awareness on social media. This is perfect for creating a buzz in social media about your brand and for spicing up your event. We focus on high-quality images and creating a lasting memory for your clients or guests.
Printable GIF


You want the GIF animation and also a souvenir print for your guests? Don't worry! Panda Pix can take care of both!

Panda Pix will take the still photos in your animated GIF and turn it into a printable traditional photo strip, complete with the design of your choosing. This gives you the best of both worlds! You get an animated GIF to share on social media AND a photo strip to take home for your bulletin board.

Boomerang GIF


Boomerang GIFs takes a burst of photos in a fast sequence and then we loop them together into a high-definition short video that plays forward and backward​ over and over. Boomerang GIFs are extremely fun and entertaining to make!

Green Screen
Take your event to the next level.  Panda Pix Photo Booth is proud to introduce green screen technology to the photo booth and the GIF Booth.  We can use this awesome technology to make your event even more memorable.
Our technology allows us to insert an image behind an individual or group so that they appear to be where ever you decide. If you dream of a beach scene, we can take you there in a photo. Maybe you want to stand in front of the Eiffel Tower. It's all possible with this green screen technology!
Want a green screen GIF? We can do that too! We can take your guests wherever they would like to go!
Customized Backdrop


Want a customized backdrop to match your event, theme, or have a company logo on it? We can create a customized banner with whatever logo, words, #hashtags, etc you would like! 

Other Corporate Services

  • Custom social media branding

  • Microsites and unique url for social brand tracking

  • Data collection capture on social sharing station

  • Custom surveys on social station

  • Customizable e-mail and tracking for social sharing


Panda Pix is excited to be bringing the following features to photo boothing very soon!



Want to morph into a celebrity, monster, another person, mascot. Coming soon, Panda Pix will be able to morph you into something great with our advanced animation technology!

ID CARD Printing


Printing ID cards for your event is possible with Panda Pix. Photos are taken on-site, at the photo booth and within 1 minute an ID badge is printed for the attendee! ID cards are fully customizable and brandable.

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