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8 questions you need to ask Photo Booth Companies


Remember a photo booth rental is an investment. Please use this guide to help you find the photo booth that will meet your needs. If you have any questions about how to choose a photo booth you can always contact us.


1) What do your photos and photo strips look like?


I will tell you that every proud photographer loves to show off their work. The same thing goes with a good Photo Booth Company. High-quality images and high-quality looking strips are extremely important.  No one likes a bad picture taken of themselves, and no one will hold onto that Photo strip if it's not good quality.

2) What kind of camera does the Photo Booth company use?


Not all photo booth companies are created equal. Some Photo Booth companies don't use the highest quality equipment to make sure that everyone receives a good quality picture. Watch out for companies that use WebCams and iPad cameras for their photographs. A solid thing to look for in a description is the use of a DSLR camera. These cameras are far more capable of producing better images and can adjust to the lighting in your event far better. Everyone wants a good picture of himself.  A good Photo Booth company will be able to take good pictures with a good camera.



3) Does the Photo Booth company have and bring backup equipment?


When you're a once-in-a-lifetime event is going on the last thing you want to worry about is will your Photo Booth company be able to deliver a good product for you. Many companies out there only have purchased enough equipment to start their Photo Booth. A quality company will have backup cameras, backup printer, backup computer, backup lighting and backup courts for everything. Every Photo Booth company will have equipment go down it's whether they are ready for what will eventually happen to them. 



4) Will there be an attendant and how many will there be?


This may seem like a silly question. Some companies do not have anyone running their Photo Booth. Some DJ companies, photographers, and wedding rental companies expect that a Photo Booth can run itself.  Not everyone can figure out how to use the photo booth. Many of us have a quirky aunt or grandparent that technology does not come easily for them. You want everyone to be able to enjoy the Photo Booth if there's no one there attending to the Photo Booth then these individuals will not be able to enjoy the Photo Booth experience. The most efficient smooth way of running a Photo Booth is having to individuals working the Photo Booth at the same time. One person is helping everyone take good shots. The next person is giving out photos and helping guests right in your memory book.



5) Does the Photo Booth Company have insurance?


Because we live in a time where lawsuits are occurring on a daily basis many event facilities are demanding that all vendors including photo booth companies are carrying an insurance policy for their company. If you book in uninsured Photo Booth Company, they may not be able to run their Photo Booth at your event location.



6) What all is included in your Photo Booth rental?


Some companies will advertise an extremely low price, and then you will come to find out that they charge for every extra thing besides the Photo Booth. Does your rental includes setup and teardown? Does it include props? How many hours of Photo Booth fun will be included? Are there different options that can make your event special such as a unique photo strips and making sure that every guest gets a photo strip?



7) What does the photo booth set up look like?


There are numerous fly-by-night companies that set up a WebCam or an iPad and pretend that it is photo booth equipment. Your once-in-a-lifetime event is about finding the right decorations and the perfect celebration facility. Will your Photo Booth company complement your event or will it be an eyesore? Make sure that you can see photos that they have taken off their actual setup. A good photo booth company is proud of their set up and make sure it's available to any potential client.



8) What kind of printer does the Photo Booth company have?

Most Photo Booth companies will not reveal their actual printer brand name. That's okay. Look at the description of how fast their printing capacity is. A good Photo Booth Company will tell you that they can print photos in less than 13 seconds. When you call and talk to them, you should ask if they have a dye sublimation printer. If they say no or they don't seem to know what you're talking about you should not do business with them. You will not be satisfied with their service. You don't want your guests to have to come back half an hour later for their photos and to sign in the memory book. Immediate on-site printing is a must in the Photo Booth business.

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