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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are many of our frequently asked questions about Panda Pix Photo Booth.

If you have any additional questions for your event, please feel free to contact us.



How much space does the Photo Booth require?

The photo booth space is dependent on the type of booth you select for your event. Each booth is a different size and we also bring with us a prop table, memory book table, and external monitor. Being in a corner really does work best for us if that can be accommodated.

Our open style booth and LED booth, both need a minimum of 15ft in length ,10ft deep, and a 8ft tall ceiling.
Our traditional photo booth lounge need a minimum of 12ft in length, 8ft deep, and a 7ft ceiling.


An additional requirement is that the path to the venue is smooth and paved. If your event will not be held on the main floor, an elevator will be required to get the equipment to the venue space.

Do you provide backdrops for your open style booth?
Yes, we have a variety of backdrops. Once we know about your event and get your photo strip designed, we will bring a backdrop that will look best with your theme. If you have a specific request, let us know and we’ll be happy to honor that request. 

How are the photos taken?
An attendant will help instruct each guest how to use the photo booth. The photo booth will automatically take a series of photos with approximately 8 seconds in between each photo. After the session is complete the photos will take less than 10 seconds to print and an attendant will hand your guest their photos and help them sign the memory book, if the event warrants one.

Do your photo booths all do on-site printing?
Yes, we offer instant printing on all of our packages. Our standard print option is a typical 2×6 photo strips with 3 or 4 images and custom text or logo, reminiscent of traditional photo booths. Additionally, we offer 4×6 postcard style for an extra fee per hour.

Do you offer a memory book?
We offer an elegant memory book for your guests to leave a personal message at the event. We will provide the album, extra pages, pens and glue to make the book. An attendant always oversees this process so that your guests know what to do.

Do you provide props?
Yes, absolutely!! We offer a variety of props including fun signs, glasses, hand held props and a few hats. We have a large variety of props, so once we know your event style, we will bring props to appropriately match your event.

Can guests view a slideshow at the event?
Yes! All of our photo booth setups are equipped with an external monitor, allowing guests to see an ongoing slideshow of the photos after they are taken, on the outside of the booth.

Is there a limit to number of photos and does everyone get a print?
NOPE! There is no limit to the number of sessions your guests can enjoy during your rental time and we make sure that every guest gets a copy of the photo strip! 

How can guests view and share the photos?
With all of our events, your guests will have access to an online gallery on our Facebook page and our website where they can share and download images at no cost. Photos are placed in an online gallery on our website for public viewing. Additionally, guests can upload their photos to social media (see next question :-)).

Do you offer Social Media integration?
Yes! At no extra cost to you, we bring a social kiosk with us to each event. At this kiosk, guests can instantly upload their photos to their own personal social media or e-mail accounts. This feature is available as long as the venue has a good signal or wifi that we can use if the signal is not great.

Do you customize the photo strip?
Yes, we design a custom photo strip for each client. We create a photo strip to match your event theme, text and colors. For corporate events, we can can add corporate logos, sponsor logos, custom text and graphics.

Where does Panda Pix provide service?
We are based in Sioux City, Iowa but we travel all over the Siouxland area and beyond. Any travel outside of the Sioux City metro area is subject to a $0.50 per mile, each way charge. Any event beyond 100 miles may also include an additional hotel fee.

How long does Panda Pix stay at our event?
Our packages begin with an operation time of 4 hours. We charge an additional $100 per hour after 4 hours if more time is needed. We can accommodate full-day and multi-day events. Contact us for pricing for full-day or multi-day events. 

How long does it take to set up and break down?
We arrive at the venue around 2.5 hours before your event starts. On average, it takes us about 1.5 hours to set up and about 30-45 minutes to break down. The setup and break down time can vary based upon the type of booth, venue and event you are booking us for. This time is not included in your 4 hour rental time. There is no additional charge for set up or break down, this time is included in the rental price.

Do you charge for idle time?
If you wish for us to start after an event has begun, (ex. the wedding reception starts at 5, but you do not want the photo booth to start until 7), we charge $50 per hour for the time between when the event starts and when the photo booth starts. This is because we will need to set up prior to guests arriving and be there with to keep our equipment secure during those hours.

We are a non-profit, can you work with our budget?
From the very start of Panda Pix Photo Booth, we’ve always supported our community charities and foundations. Depending on our availability, and size of your event, we maybe able to offer special non-profit pricing, so pleasecontact us.

What do you do if there is a malfunction with the photo booth?
We bring backups for all equipment and cords to each event. We bring two computers, two printers, three cameras, etc. to every event. We are ready with plan A, B and C if something goes wrong. We have never had to stop the booth for more than 10 minutes to switch a piece of equipment out.



What if my venue or event space requires insurance from all vendors, are you fully insured?

YES! Absolutely! We have done several events where a certificate of insurance has been required. We are fully insured and would be happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance for you venue, upon request.

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